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Yes, folks. It seems I have FINALLY finished this Odyssey.

Oh. My.

Anyway Cheerio...I need to go and enjoy all this new found FREEDOM luxury!!!

To all the suckers in the world who are still studying Chinese Medicine...

I don't envy you :)

27-11-12 5:55PM

Procrastinator Extraordinaire

So anyway I have this deadline. And it's a pretty intense kind of ask of a project that needs to be done. I've spent many hours in deep thought just pondering the issues at stake. However all that brain taxation has not yet managed to translate to much...PHYSICAL. TANGIBLE. ACTION. For all that mental strain I have barely anything to show for it! And I have had massive self discipline issues, doing anything and EVERYTHING BUT. the. task. at. hand!!!

arghhhhhhhhh it makes me want to pull all my white and greying hairs out! lol

So anyway I just wanted to record that I am doing it tough. And that I am amazing at procrastination. You name it I've done it. Instead of work, I email, I shop, I eat, I nap, I do chores. I play chess. I watch tv. I have inane conversations with people that don't really matter.

Basically I am PROCRASTINATOR EXTRAORDINAIRE...I am VERY GOOD at wasting time...and giving into, or rather, INDULGING all sorts of trivial whimsy.

Basically how I've observed the way I cope with stress is to distract from it (with anything), get tired, go to bed and wake up to a new day only for the hopeless cycle to start again....arghhhhhhhhh!

saturday 12/6/9 6:21pm...time to Eat ♥^^♥!

Health Practitioners

should all have their own therapist. End of story.

10:53pm 12/05/23

Oddball Cases

So, for whatever reason I always seem to encounter oddball cases, that lie on the extremities of conventional medical understanding, or outright defy it!

Well I guess that is typically what TCM draws...

Anyway extremely fascinating! And my patient would agree...those naysayers who say TCM and acupuncture is a load of bull...she has amazing testimony of that it DEFINITELY. HAS. EFFECTS. What happened to her, absolutely noone can deny that she could have created that effect "psychosomatically".

Furthermore from the various interactions and the very immediate changes, TCM definitely DOES MAKE THINGS HAPPEN IN THE BODY!

I know you are probably dying to know what happened but anyway my head is stilll trying to has been a very. surreal. week!

11:45PM 12/4/27


I spent all of Sunday just lazing on the beach recharging the batteries...doing absolutely NADA. That is exactly the kind of ESSENTIAL R&R people with my sensitivity, constitution and profession need to regimentally schedule regularly if we are to last the long haul :P

Anyway it was nice- I indulged gingerbread and passionfruit icecream with my b'day twin...eating yummy food is always such a great pick me up!

6:50am 12/4/17

Vampire Suck

hmmm it's 6:45AM and I'm suffering the effects of not defending my boundaries well enough and taking on patients crappy energy subconsciously...hence the inability to sleep! GRRRR...

but at least I remembered my login so I can update this blog again :)

6:46am 12/4/17

Selling your soul to education!!

So anyway I was reflecting...I've devoted so much of my life to study and learning! I definitely don't think that it is an exaggeration to say that people who pursue intense studies and careers which take years and years definitely sacrifice a lot for their game! The lifestyle it entails is incredibly taxing and the hardship is not able to be understood by people that have never engaged the peculiar struggles or challenges that serious dogged continuous dogged high level studies present and how much they demand and take from you!

So I look to get back into "the game" I want to do it with a refreshed LIFE perspective and despite being unlikely to accommodate MUCH life balance I don't want it to be like before...I'm going to have boundaries and not spend all my waking and non waking hours in obsessive puzzling and not give all my energy to others!

And for now I will continue to rest up and refuel recharge so that I can attack it again with better vigour...even if I have lost the "passion" I once had...

2:14AM 11/11/2

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